Expatriates in Italy

Coaching support for expatriates (professionals, managers, their spouses and children) who are relocating to Italy can jump-start them in their new environment.

Let’s not fool ourselves: change is not easy and adapting to a new country will not necessarilycome naturally, even in a friendly and beautiful environment like Italy.  Moreover, if you are a spouse, you may have given up your job to follow your husband or wife in Italy. You may have children who miss their “old school” and their friends. You may be facing subtle challenges which make life harder than it should .

On the other hand, living abroad is a great opportunity for all the family. it shouldn’t take the whole assignment to adjust! Start enjoying your new environment quickly. Get help from a professional coach.

In just a few coaching sessions our coaches can help you reframe your experience positively. You can be coached over the phone/skype before arriving to Italy or once you are here.

Hit the ground riunning. For more information, drop us an email at info@learningedge.it